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Srey Ma

Date of Birth:  05 Nov 01


Home Province:  Takeo


Date Entered Heritage House:  04 Nov 04


Siblings Who Lived at Heritage House:  Coy, Krum, Yaht


Child’s History:


We found out about Srey Ma’s family through a pastor living in Takeo province.  Srey Ma’s mother had ten children.   Their father died and the mother was left without anyone to care for her or the children.  She found someone to remarry and take care of her, but he would not care of the children.  Srey Ma’s mother abandoned the children and moved to Thailand with her new husband.


Srey Ma was being taken care of by her ten year old brother, Krum, when we found them.  At the time, she was three years old and they went from house to house begging for food.  Srey Ma was basically unable to communicate when she moved into Heritage House.  She was severely malnourished. 


Thankfully, by God’s grace, she is now a healthy, happy young woman. She is still shy, but once she warms up to you, she will not let you go.  Srey Ma is always smiling and laughing.  She is praying about what to do when she finishes high school.


Current Education:  2018-19 – School Year – 12th grade

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