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Date of Birth:  18 Feb 05


Home Province:  Kampong Som


Date Entered Heritage House: 02 Mar 07


Siblings Living at Heritage House: Makara


Children’s History:


One day the police knocked on the Heritage House door and asked us if we would come and check on some children.  Their mother was a severe diabetic, but was unable to get insulin.  She had a stroke and was dying in the hospital.  After verifying that their father had abandoned them with the village leader, we took the children into Heritage House.  Our staff visited their mother daily for weeks caring for her physical needs as she lay dying in the clinic, but she did not receive Jesus as her Lord before her death.


Makara and Ro have been a real blessing for our house.  They immediately bonded with the dorm mothers and other children.  Ro was barely one year old when they moved into the house.  It was a big adjustment on the staff to take care of one so young.  They embraced the challenge though and did an incredible job.  Today he is a healthy and happy little boy. 


Ro is doing really good in school.  He enjoys classes and studying.  He is always laughing and playing.  He is a pleasure in the group home and gets along with the other children really well. 


Current Education: 2018-19 School Year – 6th grade



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