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Date of Birth:  Feb. 6 1997


Home Province:  Ta Kamo


Date Entered Heritage House: May 10, 2004


Siblings Who Lived at Heritage House:  Mari, Madi


Child’s History:


We learned about Pumin and his sisters from his aunt who was attending the Church.  Pumin’s father and mother had died of AIDS and he was living with another aunt and three older sisters.  The oldest sister was being abused by the uncle, and the aunt from the Church was afraid that the abuse would spread to the younger girls as well if they were not taken out of the home.  Because the older sister was almost 17 years old, by Cambodian law, we were not able to take her into our house.  Thankfully, we were able to get custody of the three younger children; Mari, Madi and Pumin.


Pumin is a really fun guy.  He is always laughing, smiling and playing around.  He enjoys a good laugh and easily makes friends.  He is currently working as an English teacher at a small school started by New Life Fellowship in Kampot.


Pumin does well in school and says that he wants to one day run a business on his own.  He is a sophomore at a university in Kampot working on his electrical engineering degree.


Current Education:  Sophomore at university.


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