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Date of Birth:  Sept. 3, 2000


Home Province:  Kampong Thom 


Date Entered Heritage House:  Sept. 03, 2003


Siblings Living in Heritage House:  Kanah


Child’s History:


We heard about Naomi and her family from a pastor in Kampong Thom Province.  She was the youngest of five children.  The day before we got to the house, the three older children were sold into slavery for $25 a piece.  We desperately tried to get the older children back, but were unable to.


When we met Naomi and her brother, Kanah, they were both badly malnourished.  Naomi, at three years old, weighed only 14 lbs.  The neighbors told us of terrible physical and emotional abuse.  We were thankful that God allowed us to get Kanah and Naomi when He did.


When Naomi arrived at Heritage House, she was in terrible shape.  A specialist came to the house and examined her and commented that because of the years of abuse, she was mentally impaired and that she would never be able to catch up academically.  Today we are happy to say that, after much prayer, Naomi has finished high school and is a very bright young woman.


Naomi is a treat to be around.  She is always laughing and playing jokes.  She loves to be the center of attention and is always trying to get everyone’s attention to look at whatever she is involved in.  She is involved in teaching Sunday school to the younger children in a village near the orphanage.


Current Education:  Gap year waiting to enter university next year.  Currently she is working at a local business selling make-up.

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