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Liet Kanah

Date of Birth:  Nov. 16, 1997


Home Province:  Kandal


Date Entered Heritage House: June 6, 2004


Siblings Living in Heritage House:  Chantah


Child’s History:


We learned about Liet Kanah and her older brother, Chantah, from a missionary couple.  The couple had been working in a village in Kandal province for many years and knew the family well.  The father had died of AIDS and the mother was dying of the disease.  The mother had given her heart to Jesus and was totally confident that when she died that she was going to spend eternity with her Savior.  She wanted to know that the children would be raised in a Christian environment before she passed away.  We assured her that we would take the children into Heritage House.


Liet Kanah was our youngest girl in the house for a long time, and as such, was spoiled by the other children and dorm mothers.  She is a precious young woman who loves to sing and pray.  She will close her eyes, raise her hands and worship Jesus with all of her might at nightly devotions.  Whenever anyone is sick or in need, she is in the front of the line to lay hands on them and pray for them. 


She does well in school and is on track to go to university next year when she graduates high school.


Current Education:  2018-19 School Year 12th Grade

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