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Date of Birth:  Aug. 26, 1998


Home Province:  Kampong Thom 


Date Entered Heritage House:  Sept. 03, 2003


Siblings Living in Heritage House:  Namoi


Child’s History:


We heard about Kanah and his family from a pastor in Kampong Thom Province.  He was the second to the youngest of five children.  The day before we got to the house, the three older children were sold into slavery for $25 a piece.  We desperately tried to get the older children back, but were unable to.


When we met Kanah and his younger sister, Naomi, they were both badly malnourished.  Kanah, at five years old, weighed only 22 lbs.  The neighbors told us of terrible physical and emotional abuse.  We were thankful that God allowed us to get Kanah and Naomi when He did.


After living at Heritage House only a short while, Kanah began to grow physically and socially.  He likes to joke and prank and is always laughing.  He is enrolled in School of Hope and is doing really good academically.  He is always one of the top students in his class.  He enjoys playing sports and games with the other children at Heritage House and fits in well at school.  He is involved in Sunday School at the Church and is very good at his memory verses.       


Current Education:  2015-16  School Year – 11th grade


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