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Date of Birth:  10 June 04


Home Province:  Kampong Som


Date Entered Heritage House:  16 Oct. 05


Siblings Living in Heritage House:  None


Child’s History:


Deborah’s mother brought her to the Church one Sunday and asked if we would take her into Heritage House.  We have a policy of not taking children who have living relatives who can care for them, but she explained to us that she was a prostitute and had HIV.  After praying about the situation, we felt like the best thing for Deborah was for her to come to live with us.  At the time, she was two years old. 

She is a joy to be around and is growing into a very fun young woman.  She is always laughing and giggling.  She loves to play with the other girls, enjoys coloring and singing and worshiping during the nightly devotion time.  Since coming to Heritage House, it has been a treat watching Deborah’s personality develop.  As with most of the children, she was shy and withdrawn at first, but after only a short while, she was laughing, playing and talking.


Deborah has a burden for her teachers and friends at her school.  Daily she comes home with stories of telling her friends about Jesus and constantly asks for prayer for her classmates. 


Current Education:  2018-19 School Year – 8th

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