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Years in the making...

The vision to minister in S.E. Asia was given to Lewis and Kristen Burke in 1993.  The Burkes were newly married and Lewis was finishing his degree at a small college in East Tennessee. During one of his classes, there was a lecture on Pol Pot and all that happened to the Khmer people during the reign of the Khmer Rouge. The Holy Spirit began to break Lewis and Kristen’s heart for the nation of Cambodia.


After finishing college, Lewis served as a youth pastor at Covenant Life Church in Morristown. After serving in Morristown, Lewis and Kristen served as the junior couple on a church planting team in Johnson City, TN. After seven years of marriage, they felt the release to serve in the nation of Cambodia. Heritage and Hosanna Fellowships agreed that it was time for the Burke family to make the move and commissioned them to go.  So Lewis, Kristen, Sterling, and Benjamin headed to Cambodia!

The Flame Passes On..
After seventeen years of mission work in Cambodia, it was time for Lewis and Kristen to pass the torch to the next generation.  So, in 2019, Lighthouse sent out newly married Sterling and Mary Katherine Burke to serve the children at Heritage House and further the vision God gave them almost two decades earlier.  God has great things in store for Sterling, MK, and the children of Heritage House.  With every passing of the torch, also comes new vision.  Stay in touch with Lighthouse via this website and our social platforms to see what God is doing through Lighhouse and Heitage House.  

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Lighthouse Ministries was founded in early 2001 with the vision of establishing a missions base in S.E. Asia. On January 17, 2002, the Burke family arrived in Cambodia with four goals for the ministry:

     1.  To be a Christian presence in S.E. Asia

     2.  To minister to orphans, widows and the poor

     3.  To train indigenous leadership

     4.  To provide job training

As there heart for Cambodia grew larger, so did their vision.  It became apparent after a few years that an orphanage is where the Lord was taking the Burkes.  This was the best way to fulfil the vision God gave them when they arrived in Cambodia.  So, Heritage House was born!
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